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What are the applicable scope and precautions of explosion-proof sound and light alarm?


Explosion-proof acousto-optic alarm is a kind of alarm signal device used for dangerous places through sound and various lights to send out warning signals to people. Explosion-proof sound and light alarm is suitable for installation in IC T6 temperature group explosive gas environment, can also be used in petroleum, chemical and other industries have explosion-proof requirements of the explosion site 1, 2 area, and can also be used in the open air and outdoor.

Non-coded versions can be used with the manufacturer's fire alarm controller.

When an accident or fire occurs on the production site, the control signal sent by the disaster alarm controller starts the acoustooptic alarm circuit and sends out acoustooptic alarm signal to complete the alarm purpose. It can also be used with manual alarm button to achieve simple sound and light alarm purpose. Explosion-proof sound and light alarm manufacturers to produce products in line with the requirements of GB3836 series of standards, and by the detection of the organization identification, explosion-proof certificate. The alarm shell is all stainless steel, the lamp shell has strong impact resistance, 180 clearly visible high brightness LED light tube, equipped with buzzer, stable operation, long service life, low power consumption, less pollution and water. Effect etc.

Precautions for explosion-proof sound and light alarm

1. Electrical disassembly is strictly prohibited in inflammable and explosive places.

2, explosion-proof sound and light alarm manufacturers, installation do not damage the explosion-proof surface, keep clean. The screws for the explosion-proof surface should be tightened evenly, and the explosion-proof surface should not be mixed with wires or other foreign matters.

3. The control line should be laid separately from the strong electromagnetic field conductor. If it cannot be avoided, the detection bus cable shall be armored cable with shielded wire and ensure that the shielded wire is well grounded.

4, long-term use needs to regularly check the performance of explosion-proof sound and light alarm is good. In case of failure or damage, it should be repaired by explosion-proof sound-light alarm manufacturer and personnel.

5. When connecting with the fire alarm controller, the input/output module should be connected to control the start of sound and light.

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