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What is the difference between LED explosion-proof lamp and ordinary LED lamp?


Led explosion-proof view-hole lamp furniture is different from ordinary lamps and lanterns in high safety performance. Many production plants have multiple hazardous gases or natural substances. LED explosion-proof lights are used in these places to avoid explosions and ensure the safety of workshop workers. Production safety requirements are strict and safety checks are carried out every year. If dangerous goods are found in the workshop, explosion-proof lights should be used, otherwise production may need to be stopped for rectification.

Led explosion-proof viewing hole lamp each opening has explosion-proof surface, can prevent internal electricity; The arc generated during operation does not affect external hazardous materials. The thickness of the explosion-proof lamp shell is much thicker than the ordinary one. Even if the internal short-circuit product explodes for a long time, the lamp housing will not be damaged and is insulated from dangerous gases outside.

Product features:

1, explosion-proof: design and manufacture according to flameproof grade;

2, components: high-power LED, battery pack, shell material, electrical appliances are provided by the same supplier;

3. Appearance: slightly different from similar products of other domestic manufacturers;

4. Function: Switch operation is more humanized and convenient;

5, performance: reach the standard level.

6, safety and explosion-proof: LED explosion-proof sight hole lamp according to the requirements of the design, explosion-proof explosion-proof grade, according to the explosion-proof standard production, can work safely in all kinds of flammable and explosive places.

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