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How is the sound and light alarm applied in special industry?


Explosion-proof audible and visual alarm is also called light warning light, which is set by the explosion-proof audible and visual alarm manufacturer to meet the requirements of customers on alarm loudness and installation position. Sound and light alarm signal is sent at the same time. Banks, institutions, post offices, telecommunications, hotels, buildings, factories, shopping malls, villas, ATM, border crossing systems and security service companies. It is a subsidiary product of automatic fire alarm system. When an accident or fire occurs on the production site, the control signal sent by the fire alarm controller starts the acousto-optic alarm circuit and sends out acousto-optic alarm signal to complete the alarm purpose.

First, sound:

1. Easy environment: 20 kinds of chord music can be selected to provide pleasant prompt function;

2. There are also 12 kinds of conventional industrial alarms, such as Marine alarms.

3. Voice content: Customers can find explosion-proof sound and light alarm manufacturers according to the actual situation to customize more user-friendly language prompts.

Two, light:

1. According to the scene, you can choose: red, yellow, green, blue, white luminous color;

2. Optional according to the working state: single light tri-color, single light two-color, multi-tone combination.

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