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Led explosion-proof lamp use requirements and how to improve market competitiveness?


Led explosion-proof viewing hole lamp requirements:

1, When selecting power cables, separate them according to the actual power supply.

2, led explosion-proof viewing hole lamp position should be put well, in order to better work.

3, waterproof and moisture-proof design can only be from top to bottom, do not put the bulb in underwater work, choose the protection level.

4, the working power supply is high voltage AC, should be away from the crowd, spotlight, wire grounding. At the same time, there are also requirements for the environment, the temperature can not be higher than 45 degrees, otherwise the life will decline. Therefore, it should be placed in a ventilated place to ensure good heat dissipation.

In the face of fierce social competition, only by constantly improving market competitiveness can we provide more guarantee for the future. This is crucial. In the whole process, how to improve the led explosion-proof view-hole lamp market competitiveness?

In the development process, led explosion-proof view-hole lamp manufacturers do a good job of pre-sale and after-sales service. It is very important for the whole development to do a good job in service and get more recognition in the future. We're going to get these things done.

Manufacturers want to improve the market competitiveness, it is necessary to improve the core competitiveness of LED explosion-proof view-hole lights, master technology, this is the premise of our stronger market competitiveness.

Manufacturers of led explosion-proof view-hole lamp brand publicity, and according to their own development into advertising, in order to attract customers, improve the market.

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