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Taizhou Shuotu Industrial Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD

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Address: 15C, Taixing Changshunchuanggu Intelligent Health Industrial Park

Taizhou Shuotu industrial intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of explosion-proof high-efficiency energy-saving LED lights, explosion-proof sound and light alarms, explosion-proof view-hole lights and other explosion-proof electrical products. Products issued by coal mine explosion-proof security product quality testing center of explosion-proof electrical equipment "explosion-proof certification", at the same time receive, issued by the third party inspection agencies or the provincial organization of explosion-proof electrical type of the inspection report, for the explosion protection forklift truck, explosion protection loaders, excavators, explosion-proof mining machinery to provide high quality explosion-proof electrical products.

Technology and innovation are the foundation of the company's development, the company has declared a number of "utility model" and "invention patent". Quality is the cornerstone of the company, adhering to the concept of lean production management, the company has applied for the ISO9001 quality system certification.

Quality first, customer first, let customers rest assured is our customer service criteria. In order to solve the worries of customers, all the products of our company are insured by PICC product quality liability insurance, so that customers rest assured and satisfied is our unremitting pursuit.

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Address: 15C, Taixing Changshunchuanggu Intelligent Health Industrial Park

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