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Taizhou Shuotu Industrial Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD

Contact person: Mr. Xu

Phone: 18606115446


Email address: stzn@shuotuzn.com

Address: 15C, Taixing Changshunchuanggu Intelligent Health Industrial Park

Purpose of the enterprise

Honesty is the foundation to treat people sincerely

Be a partner with customers and enhance their productivity and profitability. With our skilled technical knowledge and enthusiasm, the company continues to grow and increase profitability. Attract and retain high quality people and make full use of their intelligence, technical expertise and practical experience.

The enterprise culture

Unity, innovation, loyalty and pragmatism

We know that resources will be exhausted and only culture will survive. Only under the enterprise culture atmosphere, can we give full play to our talents and technological advantages, constantly absorb the experience and new achievements of the outside world, and develop and innovate to serve the market.

Management thinking

Simple, effective, healthy to simple management methods, to seek effective operation, to achieve healthy survival purposes.

The core aim of

-- People-oriented: diligent and dedicated, innovative passion

Quality wins: serve customers wholeheartedly

Competition for survival: take the initiative to explore

Cooperation for development: good communication and cooperation, seeking common ground while reserving differences

Continuous improvement: good health, happy work and good life

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Address: 15C, Taixing Changshunchuanggu Intelligent Health Industrial Park

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